The latest from BoSP is almost complete and ready to ship. This is the first full length short story release and first full length hardback release for us. This is limited to 50 copies in hardback and 100 copies in paper. Please see the website ( for details on ordering. I only have 9 hardbacks left for sale at this time, so if you are interested, please e-mail me.  The hardback comes with an original acrylic painting by the author and a bonus mini chapbook containing 3 poems with an original cyanotype cover.



These are the copies of this book that I have.    All copies contain an original acrylic painting by Soheyl Dahi, are hardbound in paste paper covers by Bill Roberts (all different), signed by Lawrence Ferlinghetti and lettered as shown.


Copy Q


Copy N


Copy L (slight defect to the cover of paper)