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4 Responses to “About”

  1. neeli Says:

    Grotesque Empire
    Jake writes
    from Alabama, there is
    no ode to the hawk like the ode
    to the hawk, unseen, no ode for this
    grotesque empire, no home for anything save
    poetry, our hope, no age but this one, our
    wars become constant, our death tally grows,
    no stupidity like the stupidity of a flag
    over the coffin of a young warrior, no border
    to compare with the one that fences out a desire
    for freedom, a need for peace, no opinion
    beyond that given by the young woman who cannot
    be herself, or the family
    in a food line, or the newly homeless in a land
    with grain silos and death silos, no ode but the one
    for the wild parrots
    here on the hillside, no law
    greater than the law of justice for
    the animals, for the trees, the streams, the
    plants, no way but out
    for the empire of Out, no way
    but to speak against all murder, no need
    greater than the heart
    of a poem, no ode to the hawk
    like the one to the ocean, no truth
    but what we see in the eyes
    of everywhere, in the dominion
    where no empire
    exists save the
    one we hold, together
    NC 12.10.09

  2. t. kilgore splake Says:


    please tell me how i can get a copy of the new a.d. winans book “drowning with li po in a river of red wine” published by your press, . . . eh


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