David Barker – Death at the Flea Circus, a Novel

February 12, 2011

In Spring 2011, Bottle of Smoke Press will publish David Barker’s amazing novel, Death at the Flea Circus. this novel was written in the late 1960’s with some rewrites in the early 1970’s. Then it sat in storage for nearly 40 years. The manuscript was copied and sent to me. I was blown away by this book. It is one of those books that I read and HAD to be the one to publish it. The book will be available in three editions:

200 Paperback Copies – Perfect bound with Letterpress printed dustjacket. $15

50 Hardcover copies – 1/4 bound in vellum over boards. Signed by the author. $40

10 Deluxe “Bureau” Edition. Contains both the signed hardcover and signed paperback copies. In large oversized clamshell that includes a drawer that will contain painting, manuscript copies, hand written poems, as well as items mentioned in the novel, including some that are over 180 years old. A massive undertaking and bay far the most deluxe edition that we have ever published. $650 (only three left for purchase)

2 Responses to “David Barker – Death at the Flea Circus, a Novel”

  1. No kindle version then?

    • bospress Says:

      There will be no electronic version of this book. I am a letterpress printer and book binder, so non-physical books are not part of my plan…


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